The Granny Cloud has been a critical, all encompassing part of my life from the moment Sugata thought of it to where it is today – a fully independent, self-funded initiative populated entirely by volunteers. It has been not only my professional life, but has extended to many parts of personal world as well.

It enriched and gave my life meaning. It brought me much joy as well as heartache. As I immersed myself in every facet of its functioning, I could not help but share many of the happenings with friends and family alike. I take much pride in every step it takes as the mother of a new born infant does with a ‘smile’, or a ‘turn over’ or a ‘sit up’.

And it is still not enough. The Grannies and the children create a special world. In the tiny independent ‘stand alone’ centres in rural hamlets and urban slums, to full fledged SOLE labs in fairly large schools. They typically don’t even meet in person. Yet the bonds that tie them to each other are warm and strong. Along the way, they have shared successes and frustrations. They have crossed many an obstacle and rejoiced in how far they have come.

These are their stories….

This is my tribute to the children and the Grannies of The Granny Cloud.

Suneeta Kulkarni