A cup of tea and ‘Dussehra’


Skit Lorraine's Group

A Granny session played out… Don’t miss the  mug of tea on the chair! [Feb. 2016] [Photo: Suneeta]

Imitation when it comes from the children is not flattery. Apologies, Oscar Wilde! It’s the sincerest compliment and striking evidence of all the children pick up in the midst of a Granny session.

And it was on display during the Conference that was the culmination of the week long Granny Cloud – School in the Cloud Convention Week in February 2016. Everywhere the Grannies went the children crowded around them; excited at meeting in person these people that they had only seen on Skype. At Phaltan too, the preparations had been on for several months. And the children were a big part of it. They had Googled what conferences were all about and had insisted on having a registration desk and participant badges [and even made and personalized those themselves!]. They had planned a sightseeing tour and food stalls for the ‘delegates’. And they solemnly declared that they would speak too. It was a conference after all!

Why would I say “No”?! I thought it was brilliant that they wanted to be in it all the way. Lorainne’s group came up to me and said that they were presenting as a group. Actually it was a little skit they wanted to perform. A bit of a conversation played out for the naturally adoring audience. Excuse me! ‘Conference Participants’! “Hello children, Good afternoon…” began Shriya. And the rest of the children piped up “Hello Granny, Good afternoon… How are you?”. And they played out an abbreviated version of a previous discussion about festivals they had had with Lorraine and in response to her question about the festivals she celebrated mentioned Christmas and New Year before deciding it was their turn to ask her…Just the way they often do. And the response?  “I know DiwaliDussehra, Gudi Padwa …” Just as Lorraine says it!

And the cup of tea – mug in this case – was not to be missed. As she took small careful, pretend sips from it, Shriya continued her imitation of Lorraine.

Several wet eyes in the audience as the Grannies realized just how much they were loved and Lorraine far away in Spain was missed.


Note: If you wish to know more about The Granny Cloud or be involved in our work, please visit www.thegrannycloud.org

You can also visit us on Facebook – The Granny Cloud or write to me at suneeta@thegrannycloud.org


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